Do you recognize this handwriting?

On the morning of December 26, 1996, Patsy Ramsey discovered this two and a half page Ransom Note, which demanded $118,000 for the safe return of her daughter.

About the Note:

  • The note was written from a notepad that belonged to the Ramseys, which was kept on a table close to the spiral staircase.

  • Pages 1-12 were missing.
  • Pages 13-16 were filled with lists and notes and doodles.
  • Pages 17-25 were missing – apparently not found in the house.
  • Page 26 contained the words “Mr. and Mrs. I” and had some ink on it, apparently bleed-through from whatever had been written on page 25.
  • Pages 27, 28 and 29 have been positively identified as the pages the ransom note were written on.

Note Analysis:

  • The Ransom Note is believed by all parties to have been written by the killer or an accomplice of the killer and remains an extremely important clue in the murder investigation.

Have you seen this knot before?

This knot was constructed with precision by an individual with expertise in it’s design and by someone who knew exactly what they were doing.

“The slipknots and the garrote are both sophisticated bondage devices designed to give control to the user.
(SMF PP 161, 164; PSMF PP 161, 164.)” (Carnes 2003:17)

“Evidence from these devices suggests they were made by someone with expertise using rope and cords, which cords could not be found or “sourced” within defendants’ home. (SMF P 169; PSMF P 169.)” (Carnes 2003:17)

HI-TEC Brand Bootprint

HI-TEC brand bootprint found in mold on the floor of the wine cellar near JonBenét’s body.

Several recently-made unidentified shoeprints were found in the basement, imprinted in mold growing on the basement floor.
(SMF 151; PSMF 151.)

In particular, a shoeprint of a “HI-TEC” brand mark on the sole of a shoe was found.
(SMF 152; PSMF 152.)

The owner of the “HI-TEC” shoe that made the shoeprints at the murder scene has never been identified.
(SMF 154, 155; PSMF 154, 155.)

Crime Scene Photos

911 Call Recording & Transcript

Listen to the 911 call, which was placed by Patsy Ramsey shortly after the discovery of the Ransom Note.

Dispatcher: 911 emergency


         Patsy:  Police!

         Dispatcher: What’s going on?

         Patsy: I’m at seven fifty-five 15th Street.

         Dispatcher: What’s going on there, ma’am?

         Patsy: We have a kidnapping. Hurry, please.

         Dispatcher: Explain to me what’s going on, OK?

         Patsy: There, we have a, there’s a note left and our daughter’s gone.

         Dispatcher: A note was left and your daughter is gone?

         Patsy: Yes.

         Dispatcher: How old is your daughter?

         Patsy: She’s six years old. She’s blonde, six years old.

         Dispatcher: How long ago was this?

         Patsy: I don’t know. I just found the note and my daughter’s gone.

         Dispatcher: Does it say who took her?

         Patsy: What?

         Dispatcher: Does it say who took her?

         Patsy: No. I don’t know. It’s, there’s a, there’s a ransom note here.

         Dispatcher: It’s a ransom note?

         Patsy: It’s say SBTC, victory. Please.

         Dispatcher: OK, what’s your name? Are you Pats…

         Patsy: Patsy Ramsey, I’m the mother. Oh, my God! Please!

         Dispatcher: I’m, OK, I’m sending an officer over, OK?

         Patsy: Please!

         Dispatcher: Do you know how long she’s been gone?

         Patsy: No, I don’t. Please, we just got up and she’s not here. Oh, my God! Please!

         Dispatcher: OK, calm…

         Patsy: Please send somebody.

         Dispatcher: I am, honey.

         Patsy: Please.

         Dispatcher: Take a deep breath for me, OK?

         Patsy: Hurry. Hurry. Hurry!

         Dispatcher: Patsy! Patsy? Patsy? Patsy?

Autopsy Report

The autopsy of JonBenét was performed on December 27, 1996 and it was determined her official cause of death was asphyxia by strangulation associated with craniocerebral trauma. Additionally, the findings within the autopsy report support the conclusion that she was alive before she was asphyxiated and that she fought her attacker.

The coroner took nail clippings from JonBenet. Male DNA was found under JonBenet’s right hand fingernail that does not match that of any Ramsey. (SMF P 174; PSMF P 174.) Defendants also assert that male DNA was found under Jon-Benet’s left hand fingernail, which also does not match that of any Ramsey. (SMF P 173.) In addition, male DNA was found in JonBenet’s underwear that does not match that of any Ramsey and has not yet been sourced. (SMF PP 175, 178; PSMF PP 75, 178.) The Boulder Police Department has yet to identify the male whose DNA was found at the crime scene. (SMF P77; PSMF P77.) Finally, a Caucasian “pubic or auxiliary” hair was found on the blanket covering JonBenet’s body. (SMF P79; PSMF P79.) The hair does not match that of any Ramsey and has not been sourced. (SMF P 80; PSMF P 180.)